Coors Light mountains

Born in the Rockies™

Rockies: -5°C

Everybody needs a moment of chill

Coors Light mountains

330 Bottle Iced



Cold Beer Guarantee


335ml can iced

330ml bottle iced

Pint glass

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    Born in the Rockie™

    Nobody knows cold better than us.
  • Lagered

    When the mountains turn blue its as cold as the Rockies

    Our bottles, cans and glasses all feature thermo ink which turns blue when Coors is mountain cold. It's our unique Cold Beer Guarantee.
  • Packaged

    The peak of refreshment™

    A clean and refreshing 4.2% lager
    that’s as crisp as the mountain air.

When the mountains turn blue, it's as cold as the Rockies.

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The 2022 NBA All Star Game calls for 🍻 
Refresh for Game Time with Coors - the official beer partner of the #NBA 🏀 Watch the action live via NBA League Pass.

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Your NBA Slam Dunk Contest set up is sorted - complete with a Coors cold one 🍺 The official beer partner of the #NBA 🏀

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The 🔑 to Coors? The clean, fresh water of the Rocky Mountain springs. 🏔 The Rockies, home of a legacy spanning over 140 years.  #coors

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Whether you’re team @rams or team @bengals, Refresh for Game time with Coors. 

Our mate @masonsixtencox has the perfect setup. 🙌

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Get your Superbowl Squad together! It’s game time. 🍺

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Get ready - the @rams are taking on the @bengals 🏈 Who are you backing in the #Superbowl? Refresh for Game Time with Coors 🍻 Mountain Cold Refreshment ❄️

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